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Air conditioning in the commercial environment is now seen as standard for modern developments and in recent years, demand for retro-fitted air conditioners in existing business premises has skyrocketed. A pleasant, cool environment is something that customers have come to expect in shops and restaurants. A moderate temperature also creates the ideal environment for consumers to spend more time and, accordingly, more money. In offices, staff are far more productive when they don’t have to worry about being sweaty in the summer or icy-cold in the winter. There has also been a large increase in the number of schools installing air conditioning as students often perform better, especially in exam situations, when they are in a comfortable environment. Having been in the air conditioning industry for over 30 years, we’ve seen it all and worked in thousands of business locations all over London and the Home Counties. Our engineers are highly experienced and our dedicated customer support team will provide you with all the attention and assistance you require. We only employ qualified, experienced air conditioning engineers who will always treat your business with the utmost care and attention

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